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Mindsets to Improve Your Practice w/ Corey Lundberg and Matt Wilson

We all bring mindsets into our learning and practice. Today we’re going to talk about what mindsets and traits or most effective for improving your practice and learning.

[excerpt from their book Better Faster]

Our goal with this book has been to give you a concrete plan for what to go out and actually do in your quest to get better.

But it would be coaching malpractice if we didn’t have a conversation about the common mental traits and mindsets that make the process of improvement more productive and more rewarding.

Solution Orientation
Watch a practice session with a super-learner and you’ll see a lot of things that are different than the “standard” lesson. One that stands out is the active learner’s relationship with “failure.” A receptive, curious player will hit a really bad shot and be intrigued by it. Why did that happen? What did I do differently, and how do I fix it? Other players tend to let emotion rule the moment. They hit some bad shots and get angry. Maybe they slam a club, or put the offending club away and hit something else. None of that addresses the real issue finding a solution to the ball-flight problem at hand.

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About Better Faster the Book

Better Faster is a choose your adventure book in the sense that it’s laid out to help you create a plan to help you optimize you’re training and ultimately get better faster.

In this book, we’re going to give you an operating system for your own skill development in three critical areas of the game—ball-striking, putting and wedge play.

We’ll show you the building blocks you need to maximize your skills in each area, and give you a specific game plan to knit those skills into on-course performance.

We will also deliver those training plans in a way that is interactive and responsive to your unique needs as a player—whether that’s an improvement to your technique, diversifying skills so you can adapt to different situations, or just building some confidence..

Pick up your copy here

About Corey Lundberg

corey lundberg - Better FasterCorey Lundberg is COO and High Performance Coach at Altus Performance in Dallas, where he has helped develop players who have competed at every level from the PGA Tour to recreational golf. He has been recognized on Golf Digest’s Best Young Teacher and Best in State lists, and also as one of the 50 best youth teachers in America by U.S. Kids.

About Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson - Better FasterMatt Wilson is the Director of Next Generation Performance at Golf Canada, where he is responsible for preparing future players and coaches to compete at the national and international level. He has also been recognized as a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher and Top 50 youth instructor by U.S. Kids.

Lundberg and Wilson have presented their research around the world at seminars like the World Scientific Congress of Golf in Scotland.

To learn more, go to

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