What's holding you back from your BEST performance?

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Ready to take a big step toward understanding the mental game of golf and having an effective gameplan to improve your performance?

This course gave me a greater understanding of a very complicated and deep topic of mindfulness. I was given some great concepts to think about and share with my students.

A marvelous insight into the world of mindful awareness A tremendous and realistic concept to improve ones level of anxiety, fear, stress or whatever emotions one may endure on the golf course

Dr. Greg and Cordie present the mental side of the game in an understandable, real world applications. An interesting insight I took from this course was that, while I took it for golf specifically,

I saw some real world applications that apply in everyday life as well. The content was thorough and explained nicely, and the ability to watch and complete at one’s own pace is critical, in my opinion. I look forward to future courses.

This approach makes so much sense one that everybody can incorporate into their golf routine of life in general.

It has been a great help to me already and as someone who has searched for a long time for a mental approach to help me in competition...

this is the FIRST that has given me encouragement!

Michael W.

cordie walker
FROM Golf Science Lab founder – Cordie Walker:

I’m always looking for tour proven concepts and strategies that are realistic and practical for every golfer.  

And with Dr Greg Cartin we’ve found that.

I’ve had the privilege to spend time over dinner, on the course, and at events over the past couple of years with Dr Greg.

I enjoyed those conversation so much and gained so much knowledge I had to figure out a way to share it with as many people as possible.  

Over the past couple of months we’ve worked on breaking down and recording a video course so you can gain the same insights Dr Greg shares with his tour players. 

We then took 50 people through the program.  Refined our approach, recorded some new material and have everything ready for you!

If you're like past students you've probably asked questions like this...

  • Much of golf, it seems to me, is in the mind, and I want to learn how to use my mind when playing.
  • How to incorporate these concepts into my coaching.
  • I want to free up my mind to let my natural good golf come out!
  • My goal from this course would be to allow myself to stay in the moment while playing a round of golf.
  • How to cope with the anxiety and stress
  • How to have an effective mental game when playing well.
  • Learn what to be or not to be thinking as I play a round of golf.

Here's the transformation you'll see in your game (and life)

  • A mental game plan for getting into your peak performance 
  • Strategies and exercises on how to deal with nerves, frustration, and stress we all face on the golf course.
  • Answers to the most common questions you no doubt have thought but might be to embarrassed to ask. 
  • The same concepts and frameworks Dr Cartin’s PGA tour players implement on a weekly basis.

Here’s the before from one past student…

I love the game, and work very hard at it. But the anxiety of tournament play is getting out of hand, and into my everyday life.

It would be EASY to quit competing, but I don’t want to do that. I know how good I can be, I know that I have the talent but very aware that the anxiety and fear of failure is holding me back considerably.

Here’s their answer after the training…

This approach makes so much sense, one that everybody can incorporate into their golf routine or life in general.

It has been a great help to me already and as someone who has searched for a long time for a mental approach to help me in competition… this is the FIRST that has given me encouragement!

About your instructor

Dr Greg Cartin actively works with a handful of PGA and WEB.COM tour players on a longterm basis.

After spending hours with him on numerous occasions I get why.  He talks in understandable terms and demystifies the mental in a simple / practical way.

Why should you listen to him? 

Longevity of the relationships he has with clients.  They have a choice of who they want to work with and it’s more than just success on the golf course but how people feel about their lives outside of golf.

That’s the best proof.  Elite level players work with him long-term.

Whether one of my students is on the PGA tour or just trying to play their best at the club my go to guy for helping with the mental game is Dr Greg Cartin.

Greg's strength is that he’s extremely practical and simple enough for all of us to understand. He has a unique ability to give each player regardless of what level they are at something different and individual. Each player gets something just for them.

I think you need to understand what he teaches because he’s drastically helped my players and he’s going to help you.

Tony Ruggiero
Top 100 Instructor / PGA tour coach