Struggle with nagging low back pain during golf season? We’re sitting down with PT, Adam Halseth to talk about where it comes from and what to do about it.

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Typically your back pain isn’t necessarily caused by your back but as a chain reaction from other limitations you might have.   An analogy Adam used in our interview makes this concept as tangible as possible. 

And so the low back is often picking up the slack.

If you and I were building a retaining wall and you carry three bricks and I carry the other 250 bricks the next day I’m going to be one that’s feeling it because I picked up the slack and did the work.

That’s how your back works far too often.

If your hips don’t move, your mid back doesn’t move, your low back picks up the slack and that’s where the pain stems from.

Everyone compensates a little bit differently. Our bodies are really smart and very good at making compensations that help you complete the motion you want to complete.

Lingering issues tend to get worse over time, especially the more you play.

If you have pain at the college level and plan on turning pro that really worries me… If you don’t get it corrected right away then yeah, I think down the road it’s going to get worse and become a persistent problem.

Don’t ignore pain!

The best thing you can do starting today? At least spend a minute and warm up your body prior to playing. Watch this quick video below Adam put together to get some ideas for a better warm up next time you play.

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I continue to see very poor warm-up habits for golfers of all levels and ages. Either no warm-up at all or consists of a couple static stretches. Here is a brief warm up that just about anybody can do that addresses all body parts needed for a golf swing and can be done in 5 minutes on the range. Avoid injuries and improve performance. @mytpi @oiperformance @orthoisf #oigolf

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