What You Need to Know About Kinetics and the Golf Swing w/ Dr Sasho MacKenzie

We’ll look at the role of forces in the golf swing, from definitions to a practical application you’ll get an overview of kinetics with Dr Sasho Mackenzie.


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Kinetics is the study of forces that produce motion.

We’ll look at the three forces that act on the golf club during the swing. Gravity which acts at the balance point, or center of mass of the golf club. It’s always equal to the weight of the club and it’s always acting straight down.

The second one would be air resistance that resist the motion of the club. The faster the club moves the bigger they get, but have a very small overall impact

The third one are the forces that the golfer applies at the grip with their hands. Those by far and away are the major determinants of how the club moves. Gravity and air resistance pretty small in comparison to the forces the golfer’s applying to the grip.

To learn more about how the hands apply forces to the club watch this fantastic video from Dr Sasho below.

Intro to Club Kinetics from Sasho MacKenzie on Vimeo.

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Dr. MacKenzie completed a PhD in Sports Biomechanics at the University of Saskatchewan, which focused on 3D forward dynamics simulation of the golf swing.

He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Human Kinetics at St. FrancisXavierUniversity and his research interests lie in the optimization of human movement with a strong emphasis on sport performance.

His research encompasses both optimal sport movement patterns as well as the most advantageous training techniques. He has conducted, presented, and published research on putting, shaft dynamics, 3D mechanics of the swing, shoe fitting, and the role of center of pressure in the golf swing.

My research interests are centered on the optimization of human movement in sport. My current research endeavors range from optimizing the biomechanics of athlete training techniques to customizing the properties of the golf club to a player’s swing.

My approach to solving problems on the optimization of human movement is founded on the development of forward dynamic models. Recently I have been programming genetic algorithm routines to determine the optimal timing of muscle activation patterns in my human models.

Links / Resources

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