How to stop wasting time in the gym with Kolby Tullier

kolby tullier

Top coach and trainer Kolby Tullier talks about how to make your training more EFFICIENT and golf specific.

Learn some of the keys to better training Kolby uses with players Justin Thomas, Lucas Glover, Harold Varner III and more.

There a couple of things we do to go from nonspecific, more like a bodybuilding exercise and then into more of a sport-specific more functional exercise.

Let’s take something like a bicep curl. So bicep curl from a traditional standpoint, your sitting on a bench doing a basic bicep curl just isolating your biceps.

He doesn’t have his feet or his lower body engaged by sitting on the bench.

What we try to do from a program design standpoint… We’re going to take that same position and we’re going to get him on one leg and we’re going to do the same movement.

Now, not only are we doing the biceps like we were doing before… think about all the muscles that we just brought into this whole exercise.

We have him on one leg so it’s stabilizing his foot, it’s an increase in ankle mobility, stabilizing the knee, increasing his hip mobility. Now the glutes are firing, so now you’re going to see more of a stable lumbar.

That’s the difference between functional and nonfunctional exercises. Specific and nonspecific.

We want to recruit as many muscle fibers and motor units as we can to make him a better athlete.

We’re training his brain along with his body.

Want to learn more from Kolby? Listen to this recent Tour Coach podcast episode to hear about his work with tour players like Lucas Glover and Justin Thomas.

Listen in here.

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