How to develop the MENTAL GAME of a tour pro

You’ve probably asked yourself how do I develop the mental game that the tour pros have?

In a sense you’re then trying to think like somebody else.

It’s not the goal.

As human beings, we all struggle with the same stuff, and it’s developing a different understanding to our thoughts and what they mean… that allows us to compete with freedom.

Whether you’re a tour pro, or you’re a beginner, we all think the same.

There’s very little difference between PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Latin American Tour, mini tours, club pros, high-ranked amateurs, beginners.

There isn’t a whole lot of difference in terms of how we think or how we’re supposed to … put it this way, how we’re supposed to think, and that’s a big misconception, that for me to succeed, I need to think like somebody else.

The more we resist what we are thinking, the more tension we cause because it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to change what we’re thinking.

Developing an awareness and an ability to observe what we think without judging, again, is how we create freedom.

When players play well, that’s most often what’s going on. When players don’t, they don’t.

You may have a good mental game on one day, and the next day, not so much. The goal is to continue to develop that awareness.

Dr Greg Cartin works with PGA tour winners and helps golfers grow and perform at the highest level with a mindfulness approach towards sport performance.

Mindfulness training teaches you to be here… right now. Living in the present moment so you can experience each moment in a more meaningful way with greater appreciation for yourself and the experience.

Dr Greg Cartin actively works with a handful of PGA and WEB.COM tour players on a longterm basis.

After spending hours with him on numerous occasions I get why. He talks in understandable terms and demystifies the mental in a simple / practical way.

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