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Instead of Trying to be Consistent… Do this! w/ Vision54

We all face variability when we come to the golf course and want to play our best. Whether it’s changing weather, carrying over stress from your job, or any other change that happens to you when playing with golf. Striving for consistency is a just a myth!

Ever say… “But I hit it so well on the range!” “I lost my swing!” You need to listen into this!

We start off with a story from Annika Sörenstam talking about how she dealt with variability. Whether it was playing in a mens event or just dealing with slower playing partners than usual.

Be a master of variability instead of chasing consistency!

Every time you try to perform at your best things are going to be different. From your body to the golf course no two times will be the same and you need to learn how to be aware enough to make the right changes and adapt to the variability.

Listen in to learn what questions to be asking yourself and explorations for the golf course to become a master of variability in your game.


I’ve really enjoyed going through this book and can honestly say it’s something I’d hand to someone just starting the game and an experienced pro. The lessons and approach to improving your golf game through things like the human skills, performance states, and frameworks for improved thinking make it a timeless manual.

You’ll be guided through the research, stories of Lynn and Pia’s experiences working with PGA and LPGA players, and then given tons of great explorations to go through.

Be a Player: A Breakthrough Approach to Playing Better ON the Golf Course

Vision54 App (HIGHLY recommend!)
Golf Science Lab review of Vision54 Golf School

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