Golf Mental Game: Self-talk

We all have a mental dialogue going on in our heads…
And it might be HURTING your scores 👉👉 Without you even being aware of it.

Dr Greg Cartin shares a little about his approach to helping golfers perform at the best and what he works on with his PGA Tour players at the highest level in this video below…

I can’t believe I hit that shot.

That’s a pretty bad shot

How do you blow that shot with a chance to win a tournament?

This is how we talk to ourselves.   If someone else was saying that to you we’d all think they’re crazy.

Start to pay attention to that voice in our heads and how your talking to yourself.  And see if you can replace that with how you’d talk to your buddy in the same situation.

Golf’s not easy and if you can’t support yourself you might as well not play.

It’s treating yourself with an understanding that this game is hard and I need to support myself because there’s to much fear.

Dr Greg Cartin works with PGA tour winners and helps golfers grow and perform at the highest level with a mindfulness approach towards sport performance.

Mindfulness training teaches you to be here… right now. Living in the present moment so you can experience each moment in a more meaningful way with greater appreciation for yourself and the experience.

Dr Greg Cartin actively works with a handful of PGA and WEB.COM tour players on a longterm basis.

After spending hours with him on numerous occasions I get why. He talks in understandable terms and demystifies the mental in a simple / practical way.

Learn more about our Mindfulness training course with Dr Cartin here