Does fitness increase club head speed? (new fascinating data)

Will your fitness and gains in the gym translate to club head speed? In this podcast we sit down with Par 4 Success, founder Chris Finn to learn about the new data he’s collecting and what he’s found

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Make sure to go check out the research and all the info from Chris here.

Here’s a quick excerpt from Chris on this data and his findings…

Shotput on the dominant and non-dominant side across all age groups has the strongest relationship to clubhead speed generally speaking. If you dive deeper in to the data in different groups, this does not always flesh out, however.

Anti-rotational strength as tested in the Keiser test appears to demonstrate a meaningful correlation to shotput, but not necessarily to club head speed.

Vertical jump’s relationship to club head speed varies widely based on age and sex. 10 – 15 year olds demonstrated the worst relationship, while 16 – 20 year olds demonstrated the highest.

This difference suggests the importance of pre and post pubescence and the influence developmental processes have on athletic development and use of the ground.

Care must be taken by coaches to understand the importance of different tests at different times in an athlete’s life.

About Chris Finn

Chris is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist,
Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Professional, Certified Precision Nutrition
Coach, and trained to perform Trigger Point Dry Needling in North Carolina.

He has grown Par4Success, which he started as a 100% Golf Fitness, Performance and
Physical Therapy Center, to multiple locations where his team works with golfers of all
abilities and ages to swing faster, play better and hurt less.

Personally, Chris continues to work with Touring Professionals, elite level juniors & amateurs while also consulting with other Fitness & Medical Professionals about starting and/or growing their own businesses and directing the in house golf performance research done at Par4Success.

Chris is honored to be a two time World Golf Fitness Summit Presenter and has contributed to numerous media outlets including Titleist Performance Institute, Junior Golf Magazine and GolfWRX, is published in peer reviewed Sports Health Journal, and enjoys continually challenging the status quo to improving outcomes for all active individuals.