When to use Block Practice vs Random Practice

quiet eye putting

Have you heard of the block vs random practice debate before? The basic question being if you should practice the same thing over and over again or add some kind of variability (randomness) between each task. In today’s research rundown we look at some info from Dr Mark Guadagnoli, a professor of neuroscience and neurology […]

RESEARCH: Virtual Reality’s Influence on Performance

We have a really interesting episode; we’re talking to Dr. David Harris, who does a lot of research in the world of VR. He’s done some research on quiet eye using VR equipment and experimented with using VR as a way to practice. There are some really interesting findings from their study: what they were […]

RESEARCH: Quiet Eye’s Direct Correlation to Better Putting

quiet eye putting

The way you use your eyes before, during, and after your putting stroke has a big impact on the results.  Expert putters have an increase in what the research calls “quiet eye”.  We have all the details and training plan so you can start utilizing this critical tactic. 

RESEARCH: Do your expectations impact your results?

quiet eye putting

In this installment of the GSL podcast, we’re going to take a deep dive into research as it pertains to golf and human behavior.  As you know, we’re firm believers in data, backed by science.  Our goal is to deliver it to you in a way that helps you better understand the game of golf […]

Interesting viewpoint on LEARNING w/ Michael Hebron

Michael Hebron

Michael Hebron has helped push golf instruction to pay more attention to the brain, how we learn, and improving the practice of golfers all around the world. To back it all up, he’s been a PGA NATIONAL TEACHER OF THE YEAR and TOP 50 INSTRUCTOR GOLF DIGEST AND GOLF MAGAZINE.

Lanto Griffin: From Losing His PGA Tour Card to Winning the Houston Open

Lanto Griffin has gone through everything from mini tour life to losing his tour card and having to earn it back. His story has so many valuable lessons for every golfer, parent, and coach. Lanto didn’t grow up a golf prodigy at a fancy country club.  Rather, he was the son of a stay-at-home mom […]

Chuck Cook: Secrets to Payne Stewart’s ’99 US Open Win

How do you discover what you should ACTUALLY work on in your golf game? Legendary instructor Chuck Cook talks about his work with players like Payne Stewart, Luke Donald, Keegan Bradley and more in this podcast. When Payne Stewart began working with Top-100 Instructor, Chuck Cook in 1989, he had only won once on the […]