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Should you TRY to hit it farther? or TRY to hit it straighter?

We’ve all stood up on the tee-box of a hole with a tree lined fairway and tried to just hit …
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Improve your chipping by better understanding the ground w/ Mark Blackburn

Get a close look at how top 100 instructor Mark Blackburn gives a quick chipping lesson. We look at the …

How to use FOAM ROLLERS for your golf game

Golf fitness guru Nick Randall shares how to best use foam rollers for your golf game.
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How a Tour Pro works out (case studies)

It’s always good to hear what the best in the world are doing when it comes to certain aspects of …
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Hands On Experience with GravityFit

Looking for some great tools to build better awareness of your body during the golf swing? Check out these three …
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How a Tour Pro makes a Swing Change

Two questions we need to talk about when we look at the golf swing. #1 – When do you make …
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Why Does SuperSpeed Golf Increase Clubhead Speed?

You’ve probably seen some in on SuperSpeed golf and curious how they’re helping people gain speed (hitting the ball farther) …
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Key Indicator For Increased Clubhead Speed w/ Dr Sasho MacKenzie

In this podcast we learn about a key indicator for increased club head speed involving ground reaction forces in the …
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What it takes to win a World Long Drive Championship (and what you can learn from it) w/ Justin James

We sit down with 2017 World Long Drive Champ, Justin James to hear about his development, how he learned to …
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Learning About the Practice Habits of Golfers

There’s a study going on at the moment to figure out HOW golfers are currently practicing. I encourage everyone to …
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How A Better Pre-Shot Routine Can Lower Your Scores (and win you more money)

Looking for some cold hard facts and data to prove that a better pre-shot routine can lower your scores and …
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Open Forum Preview w/ Chris Como & Nick Chertock

One of the best events of the PGA show is the Open Forum. A unique combination of coaching, research, and …
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The Real Reason You Don’t Want to be a Golf Swing Robot

One of the highlights of the 2016 World Scientific Congress of Golf last year was Gene Parente. Gene has a …
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2018 PGA Show Education Events List

If you’re attending the 2018 PGA show I hope to bump into you along the way! Here’s a list of …

How a BIOMECHANIST breaks down the golf swing

Learn from the guys at Penn State, Dr Mike Duffey and Eric Handley as they share a quick example of …