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You need to change your beliefs about putting… Here’s the research and application you need to know.

We tackle common putting contradictions like “straight back and straight through” “pendulum” “eyes over the ball” and give you a …

How to train and improve your posture

Ever wondered why despite ongoing effort and awareness, postural positions and movement patterns seem to always regress back to our …
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Ping’s VP of engineering explains common club design myths

We talk through common golf club design myths of drivers, irons, and putters with Ping’s VP of Engineering Paul Wood.
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Project Even Par

What would it take for you to shoot even par?
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New research shows best way to practice on the driving range w/ Dr Nicky Lumb

Listen in to learn about some awesome new research in the field of practice and learning conducted by Dr Nicky …
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The Latest in Golf Research – WSCG 2018 recap

On this podcast we recap some of the latest interesting research that’s taking place and recap the 2018 World Scientific …
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The little known realities of teaching a PGA tour player w/ Tony Ruggiero

What does an instructor that works with players on the PGA tour actually do? That’s what we’re talking about today …
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Bettinardi talks putter design and myths

We talk with Sam Bettinardi about common putter myths he hears and the truth you need to know. Fantastic look …
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Stop Making these 3 Common Myths of Course Management w/ Scott Fawcett

Scott Fawcett shares 3 course management and strategy myths far too many golfers believe. If you want a better strategy …
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Golf Swing Analysis using Boditrak data w/ Dr Sasho MacKenzie

Listen in to this unedited conversation with Dr Sasho MacKenzie as he goes through a golf swing analysis of Boditrak …

The real reason CONSISTENCY keeps eluding your golf game w/ Jon Sherman

We’ve all heard it said (or said it ourselves) “I just need to work on getting more consistent“.   On this …

Golf Mental Game: Self-talk

We all have a mental dialogue going on in our heads… And it might be HURTING your scores 👉👉 Without you even …
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The alarming reason there’s a 95% chance your putter isn’t aimed where you want it w/ David Edel

We all like to think we’re aimed at the hole when we line up a put but are we?  Maybe …

How to develop the MENTAL GAME of a tour pro

You’ve probably asked yourself how do I develop the mental game that the tour pros have?