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David Ogrin: How to play 500+ PGA Tour tournaments

How do you create a great environment for a junior golfer to grow and develop into a PGA Tour player? …
Brad Gehl

The Number 1 Mistake Every Golfer Makes (at least once)

This is one of those things that everyone one of us have done at some point… And it’s OK but …
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Willy Wilcox: Hooters Tour to the PGA Tour

Will Wilcox has spent 11 years as a pro and we hear what’s worked and what hasn’t along his journey. …

How to effectively make a Golf Swing Technique Change

In this coaching insight, Mark Blackburn talks about his approach towards getting buy in from students how to make swing …
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Practical Guide to Course Management (3 Day Training)

We’re joined by coach Will Robins as he walks us through core mindsets, concepts, and then homework to improve our …
club head speed
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111mph to 119mph club head speed in 3 golf swings w/ Dr Sasho MacKenzie

How can someone see a massive jump in club head speed in just 3 golf swings!?! We dive into a …
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Details of 2 PGA Tour Pros Making Swing Changes

What do pros work on in their golf swing?  I’ve noticed some themes when hearing from tour pros lately on …
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LESSONS LEARNED: The Matt Parziale story w/ Dr Greg Cartin

Performance consultant, Dr Greg Cartin shares with us the big lessons we can learn from Matt Parziale’s story and how …
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Matt Parziale: From Mini tours to The Masters

We sit down with Matt Parziale, 2017 US Mid Am winner to learn how he developed skill, what he learned …
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LESSONS LEARNED: The Hal Sutton story w/ Dr Bhrett McCabe

We sit down with Dr Bhrett McCabe and talk about the lessons learned from Hal Suttons story and what we …
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Hal Sutton: Digging it out of the dirt

The legendary Hal Sutton sits down to talk about his story, how he developed skill, and the important traits that …
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Tour Coach Podcast w/ Tony Ruggiero

We’re excited to work with top 100 instructor Tony Ruggiero on a new podcast documenting golf instruction at the tour …

NEW – Mark Blackburn Coaching Workshop

Get all the details on our latest Golf Science Lab workshop with Mark Blackburn!
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Your practice session reviewed and improved

We sit down with our friends from Golf OTEC to dive into practice and help one Golf Science Lab listener …
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[new study] Why pro golfers DO NOT make it on tour

Learn about the data and insights from a recent study looking at the careers of professional golfers who did not …