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Why Does SuperSpeed Golf Increase Clubhead Speed?

You’ve probably seen some in on SuperSpeed golf and curious how they’re helping people gain speed (hitting the ball farther) … 14308
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Key Indicator For Increased Clubhead Speed w/ Dr Sasho MacKenzie

In this podcast we learn about a key indicator for increased club head speed involving ground reaction forces in the … 11365
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What it takes to win a World Long Drive Championship (and what you can learn from it) w/ Justin James

We sit down with 2017 World Long Drive Champ, Justin James to hear about his development, how he learned to … 2897
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Learning About the Practice Habits of Golfers

There’s a study going on at the moment to figure out HOW golfers are currently practicing. I encourage everyone to … 1166
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How A Better Pre-Shot Routine Can Lower Your Scores (and win you more money)

Looking for some cold hard facts and data to prove that a better pre-shot routine can lower your scores and … 7407
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Open Forum Preview w/ Chris Como & Nick Chertock

One of the best events of the PGA show is the Open Forum. A unique combination of coaching, research, and … 2119
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The Real Reason You Don’t Want to be a Golf Swing Robot

One of the highlights of the 2016 World Scientific Congress of Golf last year was Gene Parente. Gene has a … 1271
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2018 PGA Show Education Events List

If you’re attending the 2018 PGA show I hope to bump into you along the way! Here’s a list of … 1002

How a BIOMECHANIST breaks down the golf swing

Learn from the guys at Penn State, Dr Mike Duffey and Eric Handley as they share a quick example of … 2243
Great example kinematic sequence

How to Apply the Kinematic Sequence

Don Parsons shares how he uses the Kinematic Sequence in golf lessons with students. It’s not about a one size … 4283
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Making sense of VARIABILITY in the golf swing (with Matt Kuchar)

Dr Scott Lynn gives a practical explanation of how variable effective golf swings can be while looking at Matt Kuchar’s … 3153
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How To Make Golf Improvement UNAVOIDABLE

John Dunigan shares how he puts his students on the path to improvement with these mindsets and frameworks. 2808

The effects of S POSTURE in your golf swing

Tony Morgan shares the chain effect that the pelvis can have on the body during the golf swing. It’s vital … 4215

The Importance of Posture in Putting

Insights from Blast Motion founder and expert instructor Mike Bentley on the importance of posture in putting and how it … 5735
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Overlooked relationship between technique and skill in the golf swing

In golf we spend most of our time talking about technique and very little about SKILL. Adam Young sits down … 2788