Brain, Podcast, Season 2

The Reality of the Yips & How to Fix Them with Dr Rob Bell

What are the yips, where do they come from, and what can we do to fix them? We’ll answer all …
Brain, Podcast, Season 2

Understanding the Zone and How to Access it with Dr Michael Lardon

What’s going on in a players brain during extremely high performance on the golf course? And how do we explain …
Jason Glass Dynamic Warm Up

Dynamic Warm Up by Jason Glass

Learn from Coach Glass as we go through a dynamic warm up so you can move better, feel better and …
Motor Learning

What Your Golf Instructor Won’t Tell You and How it Can Save You Shots

When you walk away from a golf lesson you probably want to feel like you’re “better”. That’s the point after …
Motor Learning

4 Practice Hacks to Get More out of Your Time on the Range.

You probably know you’re wasting time on the driving range… Maybe you don’t want to admit it but your practice isn’t …

Early Specialization & Plyometrics

We’ll talk about creating better youth development structures and what you need to know about plyometrics in this episode of …
Productivity & Nutrition

Productivity and Nutrition

We’ll talk about how to be more productive so you can get more done during your day. Techniques and systems …
Motor Learning

6 Reasons You’re Wasting Time on the Driving Range.

Let’s get down to it. Most people don’t improve after going to the driving range. Why else would we call …
challenge point
Motor Learning, Podcast, Season 1

Find Your Best Challenge Point with Dr. Mark Guadagnoli and Dr. Chris Bertram

Today we’re talking all about finding your optimal challenge point that enables you to set yourself up for success during a round, …
external focus
Motor Learning, Podcast, Season 1

What Every Golfer Ought to Know About FOCUS with Dr. Gabriele Wulf

What should your focus be on during a shot? When you’re learning, how should you think about a move to make a …
Motor Learning, Podcast, Season 1

The Unknown Truth about Learning Golf and Motivation with Dr. Gabriele Wulf and Dr. Rebecca Lewthwaite

There are two critical factors in motivational learning that most people ignore. We’re going to address these two factors in today’s …
10000 hour rule golf
Motor Learning, Podcast, Season 1

Golf and the 10,000 Hour Rule with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

I’m sure you’ve heard of the 10,000 hour rule, but does it apply to golf? And what do you need …
Motor Learning, Podcast, Season 1

Make Golf Feel Easy (Constraint Based Learning) with Graeme McDowall & Peter Arnott

What if tournaments and potentially “stressful” rounds of golf suddenly seemed easy? Well that’s what we’re going to talk about …
Motor Learning, Podcast, Season 1

How Good Golfers Get Good with Graeme McDowall & Peter Arnott

How do we explain great players? And what can we discover when we ask questions like, “how do PGA tour players …
Motor Learning, Podcast, Season 1

Performance and Learning with Dr Robert Bjork and Adam Young

Today’s episode is all about learning and performance in golf and how this understanding should affect the way you practice …