What You Need to Know About the Golf Swing Virtual Summit

We have another incredible virtual summit coming up. This time we’re talking about the golf swing and looking at what …
application biomechanics
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The Practical Application of Biomechanics

We’ve learned a lot about biomechanics and gone through a lot of important concepts and ideas, but what now? How …
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Blast Motion Review for Putting

I’ve been using the Blast Motion device for the past few weeks to train putting and have some thoughts…
good putting
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What makes a good putter good? w/ Dr Rob Neal

We’ve all heard a lot of tips and tricks about putting, but what actually makes a good putter good. Today …
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Let’s Talk About Pressure Shift Instead of Weight Shift

In this episode we look at the pressure + center of pressure and how it can be used by coaches …
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Ground Reaction Forces and the Reason to Pay Attention

With all the buzz about “GRF” and “center of pressure” what do the different terms mean and what does the …
golf swing kinetics
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What You Need to Know About Kinetics and the Golf Swing w/ Dr Sasho MacKenzie

We’ll look at the role of forces in the golf swing, from definitions to a practical application you’ll get an …
x-factor and x-factor stretch
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What the Research Says about X-FACTOR w/ Dr Phil Cheetham

In today’s episode we’re taking a look at the research around X-Factor and X-Factor Stretch done by our guest Dr Phil …
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Understanding the Kinematic Sequence w/ Dr Phil Cheetham

In this episode you’ll learn about one of the most commonly referred to measurements of the golf swing, the kinematic …

Podcast Review Giveaway

I was thinking of some interesting ways we could get the podcast out to more people and came up with …
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Getting Started with Biomechanics and the Golf Swing

Over this series we’re looking to explain what biomechanics is and make it as understandable as possible while we explore …
2017 pga show

9 Highlights from my 2017 PGA Show

I had a great time down at the PGA show and wanted to share a few of the highlights from …
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The Truth About SINGLE LENGTH IRONS w/ David Edel

With so much hype about single length irons it’s hard to figure out what’s best for you the golfer and …
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New Book “Expert Golfer”

Game Like Training Radio co-host Matthew Cooke recently released a new book “Expert Golfer“.