What’s the Best Mindset for Golf? w/ Vision54

Today we’re talking all about the mindsets (growth and fixed mindset) we can bring to the golf course during learning and performance. Pia and Lynn from Vision54 share what they’ve learned from Carol Dweck author of the book Mindset and help us apply these concepts to golf.

All of us can develop and learn no matter who we are. There’s so much untapped potential in all of us.

Learn to focus on the things under your control so you’re more likely to win a match. It might be to commit to a decision or feel the core through the swing and dial in to a few things under the golfers the control.

The best way to improve the outcomes is to focus on what you can control vs being so focused on the outcome. Not being focused on the outcome doesn’t mean you don’t care about it.

We also help you make a gameplan for the next time you head to the golf course.

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I’ve really enjoyed going through this book and can honestly say it’s something I’d hand to someone just starting the game and an experienced pro. The lessons and approach to improving your golf game through things like the human skills, performance states, and frameworks for improved thinking make it a timeless manual.

You’ll be guided through the research, stories of Lynn and Pia’s experiences working with PGA and LPGA players, and then given tons of great explorations to go through.

Be a Player: A Breakthrough Approach to Playing Better ON the Golf Course


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