Performance and Learning with Dr Robert Bjork and Adam Young

Today’s episode is all about learning and performance in golf and how this understanding should affect the way you practice and learn golf. Our two guests are Distinguished Research Professor Dr. Robert Bjork, and Adam Young, golf coach and author of The Practice Manual. We’re answering questions like “Do we trick ourselves into thinking we’re […]

Stop Wasting Time on the Driving Range with Dr. Tim Lee

tim lee motor learning

Dr. Tim Lee is an expert in motor learning and he’s giving us an introductory look at how we’ve been falling short in our golf practice and learning environments. In this episode you’ll learn about the nature of golf, what you need to know about random and block practice, and the actions you should start taking […]

Interpreting Golf Research with Trillium Rose

golf science research

Trillium Rose is the head director of instruction of Woodmont Country Club. She also has a Master’s Degree in Motor Learning and Control, which has “really helped shape my perspective and how I approach people’s learning, how they change their habits, and how improve their habits or learn new ones.” Today we’re talking about what golf […]

How Putters Get Made w/ Austie Rollinson

[vc_tta_accordion active_section=”2″  collapsible_all=”true”][vc_tta_section title=”Read the entire transcript here…” tab_id=”1467515309632-8370c100-96d2″][vc_column_text] Austie: Yeah the majority of what we do in putters is casting. But we do have a line of machine putters that we machine from forges. Whereas some people machine putter from billet steel. We do it from forging because we all forge the putter to a […]

Brain Training Lesson with Dr. Debbie Crews

I’m here with Dr. Debbie Crews; she is the founder of Opti International and she is also one of those interesting people to talk about brain research in golf with the yips, what kind of state we are trying to get in and all that good stuff. We are going to try out the Opti, […]

How to Train the Brain with the Opti Train App

There’s a couple of different ways that you can use the Opti training app. If we are going to be performing, since you are not going to be able to look at your phone, you’ll be using the music. The music, you can just turn it on, select a limited time, stick it in your […]

How to use Opti Brain (mapping brain activity)

How we typically use Opti Brain is by starting with a resting measure. I like to know in general, what their thinking patterns are. I never quite know what they are thinking, so obviously they can be influenced. EEG is a very sensitive signal, so what they are thinking will influence that, but what I […]

The difference between Opti and the Focusband

We often get asked, what’s the difference between Opti and Focusband. From my understanding of Focusband, they are training FP-1, which is the prefrontal lobe side of the brain and they are training it to quietness, which is a very good skill to have. We did some of that research in the ’80s. We started […]