[ANALYSIS] The Junior Golfer and Parent Relationship w/ Stuart Morgan

We’re back with part 2 of our look at the junior golfer and parent relationship. This week we’re talking about what we heard last week during the conversation between an elite junior golfer and parent.

Stuart’s New Book Gifted Junior

Stuart’s new book Gifted Junior talks through the development of elite jr golfers and shares an example of what the story looks like in the real world.

Gifted Junior looks at the complexities of juniors growing up in a sport and the intricate, dynamic relationships between players, parents and coaches. By taking readers on the bumpy road of developing talent, or what is thought to be talent, Stuart Morgan wants to pass over his experiences, to support coaches and to guide parents of juniors in sport.

Once you dive into the story you’ll be hooked with the narrative and not be able to put it down for a few hours. Check it out!

Gifted Junior: A Player’s Journey in Life and Golf


BOOK – Gifted Junior: A Player’s Journey in Life and Golf
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About Stuart Morgan

Stuart Morgan GolfStuart Morgan is a golf coach, who focuses on junior development and performance players. A PGA member for over 15 years, Stuart has coached players on Professional tours, as well as national champions and regularly presents on the subject of elite performance as a specialist in his field.

His career path has taken him around the world including the United States, where he worked as a Director of Instruction at a Junior Golf Academy. GIFTED JUNIOR is the first book Stuart has written. He coaches at the Reiters Golf and Country Club in Austria, where he lives with his wife and two kids.