There is far to much “mythology” involved in golf.
Most of it has no validity based on research or what’s ACTUALLY going on.

The Golf Science Lab is going to document the truth about golf and bring you the research directly from the scientists and researchers.

We’re talking about all aspects of golf science.

#1 – So you can learn what’s really going on in an entertaining way

#2 – So you can get better results in your game by going to the source.

There is far too much “myth” involved in golf. Even your golf instructor or coach might fall into some of these traps.

That’s why we’re talking with academics and researchers and having that be the core of what we do. And then bring in coaches and instructors that understand how to practically apply the research to every day life.

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Founder – Cordie Walker

cordie walkerCordie has spent the last four years working with golf instructors, sharing business and teaching best practices from the leaders in the industry with practical interviews and content on Golf in the Life of.

Through that he’s realized that it’s time for a paradigm shift in the way golf is taught and learned. After spending time with leading researchers and coaches, he’s launched the Golf ScienceLab, a website and audio documentary-style podcast focused on documenting what’s really going on in learning and playing better golf.