4 Practice Game Videos w/ Matthew Cooke

Join coach Matthew Cooke as he shares valuable concepts and practical games so you can get more out of the time you spend practicing.

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About Matthew Cooke

Matt CookeOriginally from the United Kingdom, Matthew developed his knowledge through extensive study in sports and exercise performance, sports and exercise science, and the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) of Great Britain. Whilst in the U.K. Matthew Co-founded ‘Leap Golf UK’, with Iain Highfield, where he worked with Ladies European Tour, Euro-pro and mini tour professionals.

Since joining the United States, Matthew founded ‘Game Like Training Golf Academy’. The Academy runs full scale coaching programs for all level golfers, and educational programs for coaches looking to expand their knowledge on scientific learning principles. Clients spread from all over the Unites States, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

Matthew is currently involved with research studies in expertise and expert performance with Dr K Anders Ericsson, and Len Hill PhD, and is collaborating with professors in motor learning, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and professionals at the United States Olympic Association.

Matthew has written 4 workbooks that have helped hundreds of golf coaches, and players, in over 13 countries, practice, and train more efficiently. The workbooks give an insight, and practical examples, to the key characteristics of creating an environment that fosters learning.

In 2016, Matthew was elected to be part of a book project, called “The Taxonomy Of Educational Objectives For High Performance Golf” with Dr. Fran Pirozzolo, Dr. Robert Bjork, Iain, Highfield, Sean Foley, Chris Como, Jonathan Dismuke, Pat Goss, Bernhard Langer, Dr. Rob Neal, Russ Paine, Trillium Rose, Grant Waite, Joey Wuertenberger, and Kevin Smeltz.

Collaborating with the worlds best golf coaches, and academic professors, Matthew aims to educate, grow, and give back to the golf community.