The Truth About Golf

Join host Cordie Walker for this audio documentary style podcast diving into all things golf.

Instead of looking at common beliefs or what worked for one person 20 years ago we’re looking at the research and trying to explain complicated issues in a very understandable and practical manner. 

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6 Things Every Golfer Needs to Know About the Mental Side of Golf

Learn 6 of the critical concepts we’ve discovered from talking with leading experts in the field of golf performance helping … 22663

Make More Putts by Using a Pre-shot Routine Including Quiet Eye

Learn how your eyes influence your body and specifically putting. We’ll walk through what you should be doing with your … 21152
external focus

What Every Golfer Ought to Know About FOCUS with Dr. Gabriele Wulf

What should your focus be on during a shot? When you’re learning, how should you think about a move to make a … 20115
golf shafts

Everything You Need to Know About Golf Shafts

In this episode of the Golf Science Lab we dive into everything golf shafts, so you can make a better … 19202

What Should Be Going on in Your Brain During Golf with Dr Debbie Crews

In what state do we play our best golf… Should be trying to be left brain, right brain, high, low?!? … 16607
tim lee motor learning

Stop Wasting Time on the Driving Range with Dr. Tim Lee

Dr. Tim Lee is an expert in motor learning and he’s giving us an introductory look at how we’ve been falling … 14641

Understanding the Kinematic Sequence w/ Dr Phil Cheetham

In this episode you’ll learn about one of the most commonly referred to measurements of the golf swing, the kinematic … 14133

The Most Undervalued Factor in Wedges (and what to do about it)

Are your wedges hurting or helping you? Today we’re diving into everything you need to know about wedges, from design … 13544

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Ground Reaction Forces and the Reason to Pay Attention

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x-factor and x-factor stretch

What the Research Says about X-FACTOR w/ Dr Phil Cheetham


Understanding the Kinematic Sequence w/ Dr Phil Cheetham

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Getting Started with Biomechanics and the Golf Swing

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The Truth About SINGLE LENGTH IRONS w/ David Edel

Golf Driver Heads

The Most Undervalued Factor in Wedges (and what to do about it)


2 World Class Putter Designers Reveal How Putters Get Made

golf shafts

Everything You Need to Know About Golf Shafts


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Season 2 Episodes - Performance

About Your Host

Cordie Walker

cordie walkerCordie Walker has spent the last four years working with golf instructors, helping inform thousands on business and teaching best practices (if you’re a coach or instructor, check out golfinthelifeof.com).

Through this experience he has realized that it’s time to change the way golf is taught. After reviewing research and talking with coaches and academics, he launched the Golf Science Lab, a website and audio documentary-style podcast focused on documenting what’s really going on in learning and playing better golf.